finished Home Before Dark (Apple TV+) this weekend, it was good. the 9-year-old investigative journalist is based on a real person, though the story itself isn’t. A good mystery drama; we’re looking forward to season 2 someday.

Hopsquad Brewing’s Sculptor Formosa
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#saturdaybeer 🍺

when the pandemic struck I put my fairly souped-up (company-provided) MacBook Pro to work doing Folding@home computations. glad I did, but between the fan noise, heat, & wear on the machine, I decided to stop once I got to a million “points”

is it Bandcamp Friday yet? (yes, for 12 more hours, Bandcamp will pass along their cut to artists, who dearly need it since they can’t tour) 🎵

emphasizing the “new” in New Tunes Tuesday is figurative, this week’s pick is Are You Experienced? by the Jimi Hendrix Experience. yes it has a bunch of mega-hits you’ve been sick of for years but it’s just really good. give a listen to I Don’t Live Today, loud as you want 🎵

new post: The Fox, in which we have a visitor (it came again this morning; seems to be searching for the best nap spot)

The Fox

We had a fox in our backyard yesterday.

We’d seen a couple of them last week, scampering around back there for a few minutes. One of them was walking along the top of the wooden fence that rings the yard, just as our neighbors’ cat does. It seemed unsure of quite how to get down, but eventually just took the plunge, alighting nimbly on the ground. The two of them exited by squeezing under a loose fence-board.

Yesterday’s was different. It was alone, and laying down, right in the middle of the grassy (more or less) portion of the yard. It seemed cute at first, but we felt more troubled as it just lay there. Foxes aren’t nocturnal; they’re most active at dawn and dusk, the internet informed us. So it wasn’t as odd as we’d first thought, but still seemed weird.

What if it’s hurt?, we wondered. Hit by a car, or shot by some fool, or who knows what? Should we call someone, and if so, who? Searches for “wildlife rescue” followed the earlier ones about fox habits. The fox rolled over and shifted position a couple of times, but otherwise didn’t move. This went on, our worries mounting, the fox sleeping, for more than an hour.

Finally, it stood up, and walked leisurely – and with no trouble that I could see – to a spot in the horse herb we’ve let grow longer. It chilled there for a while, got up again, strolled to the patio to get a drink from a bucket we collect rainwater in, and then slipped under the fence again.

Until next time, little buddy.

Fox in backyard

this “new” tunes Tuesday, I give you last year’s surprise reunion album from Vivian Girls: Memory (Spotify, Bandcamp). standout track: At It Again, then just let it go from there 🎵

beyond excited to finally have our season tickets (ahem, “membership”) bought for the inaugural Austin FC season next year! this pic shows our approximated view! (now shove off, COVID) ⚽️

Clown Shoes’ El Hombre Sin Nombre
#saturdaybeer 🍺

hey, it’s Tuesday! my new-tunes recommendation: Sad13’s Slugger. the solo project of Speedy Ortiz’s Sadie Dupuis, this will hold you over until her new album is out in September. standout track: Line Up. (bonus: her site’s URL 🎵

feeing pretty called out by this 😬 Gentle Whisper Of Wind Through Willows, Dappling Of Sunlight Upon Leaves Unsure What More They Have To Do To Make Dipshit Look Up From Phone

puts down phone

Riff Raff Brewing’s El Duende Verde Chili Beer
#sundaybeer 🍺

Vacation rental view
Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Echo Amphitheatre, Carson National Forest, New Mexico

take it from me, a t-shirt connoisseur (I used to be pro, in fact): these are good t-shirts. inexpensive for the quality you’ll get from Cotton Bureau, and a fundraiser to boot? done

for this week’s new tunes Tuesday allow me to introduce you to Porridge Radio and their fine debut, Every Bad. standout track: Sweet 🎵

hi, this pregame picture of Chicago Red Stars and USWNT players Julie Ertz and Casey Short wrecked me, okay, good night.

Pro soccer players Julie Ertz and Casey Short

(photo: NWSL) ⚽️

“Liverpool are now champions of Europe, champions of the world, and champions of England” – Arlo White, on the Reds clinching the title earlier in the season than anyone ever has ⚽️

I love Bandcamp, and was really happy to learn that they’re doing well financially. dear Bandcamp: keep slow-burning and never sell out

another Tuesday, another “new” tunes recommendation – it’s a beautiful rainy morning here, how about the latest from Torres, Silver Tongue? “Last Forest” is a good track 🎵

surprise visitor on the in-laws’ patio, very calmly removed, carried by broom, and tossed into the lot across the street

happy Juneteenth! treat yourself to some new tunes 🎵 from Bandcamp and support racial justice, equality, & change:

today… and every Juneteenth hereafter, for any purchase you make on Bandcamp, we will be donating 100% of our share of sales to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund

Adelbert’s Brewery’s Flyin’ Monks
#saturdaybeer 🍺

saw this new (!) Tiny Desk Concert with the cast & musicians of Hadestown, so what the heck, let’s have that be New Tunes Tuesday. the performances in that video are good, but my real pick is the Anaïs Mitchell album their show is based on, also called Hadestown 🎵

see you downtown

NRA Accidentally Forgets To Rise Up Against Tyrannical Government

“An embarrassed National Rifle Association says it totally forgot to do the one thing it has been saying for years it is solely there to do.”

h/t @toddgrotenhuis

McSweeney’s: Upholding White Supremacy with Past Exonerative Tense

[This] tense transforms acts of police brutality against Black people into neutral events in which Black people have been accidentally harmed or killed as part of a vague incident where police were present-ish

my laptop crashed

Goose Island Brewing’s Bourbon County Coffee Stout (2017)
#memorialdaybeer 🇺🇸🍺

BookSpring, a wonderful charity I volunteer for, needs to raise money to send books by mail to needy kids who would have gotten them this Spring through schools, clinics, & daycare centers. so they’re holding a charity raffle. pitch in, and maybe win! 📚

that copy of The City We Became that I ordered the other day from Austin’s beloved BookPeople came today. flipping through, I discovered that it’s a signed copy! there’s something that will never happen when you shop from Amazon 📚

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