Warpaint at Mohawk 🎵

going to give #1000WordsOfSummer a shot this year. like a mini NaNoWriMo, it calls for writing 1,000 words a day, for two weeks. starts June 1. not sure I’ll do daily word-count checkins they suggest, but for the sake of non-Twitter social media – maybe! (god help me I may even join the Slack…) 📝

Friday Night Video: Juana Molina, Un Día 🎵

Waxahatchee at ACL Live

Temple of Kukulcan, Chichén Itzá

really appreciating Molly White’s newsletter, “[citation needed]”, and even more so as she expands beyond covering the Web3 trainwreck(s). her latest issue, AI isn’t useless. But is it worth it?, is as well-written as it is well-considered. recommended

for sale: eclipse sunglasses, never worn

(not really true: it was cloudy but we got some cool glimpses despite that) 🌚

Waxahatchee: Bored 🎵

(my spine is also a rotten two-by-four)

enjoying a new trivia podcast: “WikiHole”. it’s hosted by comic actor D’Arcy Carden, with other comedians as contestants, and it’s just crude & silly enough to work 🎙️

Sleater-Kinney at ACL Live 🎵

yay, the Tournament of Books starts today! with a perfectly funky, funny, & earnest judgement 📚

also, a good summary of the thing overall in the match commentary:

We deliberately created a dumb competition with no stakes. It doesn’t matter who wins. Authors are not in competition with one another, and the intention has always been to lift everyone’s boat. I think the Rooster does that. But as with all meaningless competitions, it matters a little.

Jenny Lewis at ACL Live 🎵

I’ve missed Half.com (so dead now that its SSL cert doesn’t even work; RIP Half.com), so I was excited to learn about Pangobooks. I listed a (select) handful of books a few weeks ago to try it, & have already sold 3! 📚

Jenny Lewis – The Voyager, Live at WFUV 🎵

Warpaint – Keep it Healthy (live From The Basement) 🎵

well, that’s a shame: ‘They lied’: plastics producers deceived public about recycling, report reveals

At a 1956 industry conference, the Society of the Plastics Industry told producers to… aim for materials to end up “in the garbage wagon”

good stuff from Dan Pfeiffer on how to navigate the age debate:

This election is not a referendum on whether an 81-year-old should serve another four years as President. It’s a choice between a decent, accomplished 81-year-old man who cares about you and an incompetent, chaotic 77-year-old criminal who only cares about himself.

great new effort from anti-book-banning activist Frank Strong: full contextual summaries of targeted books to pit against the outrageous, out-of-context excerpts that the book-banning mobs rely on. a good resource to fight this scourge locally 📚

World Party: Ship of Fools 🎵

avarice & greed / are gonna drive you over the endless sea / they will leave you drifting in the shallows / drowning in the oceans of history

not donating directly to any campaigns this year. instead I’m going to give to organizations that have been working for progress year in & year out – and will continue working after election day. I really like Movement Voter Project for this

(& as they say: early money goes further)

The Onion: Italian Immigrants Shopping In U.S. Grocery Stores Announce These Tomatoes No Good

“I eat this, I die by poison. This the trash section, no? You can take me to real grocery store in your car? I send my mother picture, it make her weep.”

another example of what a user-hostile wasteland Amazon is: sellers trying (and failing!) to use AI-generated product names (though that “I’m Unable to Assist with This Request it goes Against OpenAI use Policy and Encourages Unethical Behavior-Black” does look nice…)

lots of skepticism about the Apple Vision Pro. I think it looks cool (figuratively); who knows? maybe it’s a dud. but as to that $3.5k price, see the Mac Pro, starting at twice that ($7k), or the Pro Display XDR, $5k “standard glass”; $6k for “nano-texture glass”. this ain’t Gateway, folks 🐄

The Guardian: World’s five richest men double their money as poorest get poorer

the combined wealth of the top five richest people in the world – Elon Musk, Bernard Arnault, Jeff Bezos, Larry Ellison and Mark Zuckerberg – have increased by $464bn, or 114%. Over the same period, the total wealth of the poorest 4.77 billion people – making up 60% of the world population – has declined by 0.2% in real terms.

from NYT Magazine: The Secret History of Women in Coding (2019). fascinating & infuriating. hit the next person you hear blathering on about meritocracy over the head with this

But if biology were the reason so few women are in coding, it would be impossible to explain why women were so prominent in the early years of programming, when the work could be, if anything, far harder than today. It was an uncharted new field, in which you had to do math in binary and hexadecimal formats, and there were no helpful internet forums, no Google to query, for assistance with your bug

was getting frustrated trying to figure out how to summon the “global micropost” dialog in MarsEdit… then finally realized two things: that’s a 5.x feature, and I hadn’t upgraded from 4. fixed!

…unfortunately I can’t set default type or categories, so I probably won’t use that feature much after all

sometimes The Onion just cracks me up: Potholes In Nice Part Of Town Filled With Italian Marble

Lucy Dacus: Map on a Wall

Oh please, don’t make fun of me

what else but a Goose Island Bourbon County Stout (this one from 2017) as the final beer from Mike’s basement stash. cheers to you on your birthday, big brother 🍻

Saturday’s beer: Widmer Brothers Brewing’s Chocolate Russian Imperial Stout (2013)
good beer should still be good after a decade, like this tasty bottle from Mike’s basement stash 🍺

even The Guardian noticed this dumb move: MLS’s arrogant withdrawal from US Open Cup is about controlling Messi Mania ⚽️

This manoeuvring is comparable to a government that favors privatisation gradually defunding public services before declaring they are not working and that only private companies can save them. MLS has privatised and monopolised the people’s game of soccer, or is trying to.

Saturday’s beer: Save the World Brewing’s Danger Noodle Island Imperial Stout
a little sharp; really good flavor 🍺

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