The Guardian answers: how problematic is mineral mining for electric cars?

The data we have leaves little doubt that resource extraction will be significantly lower for electric cars compared with their petrol or diesel equivalents as recycling increases.


“[Human rights] problems have always existed in mining,” [Amnesty International’s] Dummett said. “I strongly believe that this problem has been exaggerated hugely by opponents of the energy transition, the fossil fuel lobby.”

these concerns sounded like big downsides of EVs; glad to learn they’ve been overblown

via @chipotle – good, well-considered post from the Duke University Libraries: Why We’re Dropping Basecamp

We are not in the habit of running “ideological enforcement” to ensure “quick compliance” from beleaguered corporate executives or whatever it is that [DHH is] talking about in his posts. We simply have our own opinions and our own blogs, and in some cases, we have good choices available to us regarding the companies to which we give our business.

I made a thing: txt2mary, “A Twilio-to-Micro.blog-(and-Twitter) server”

This app is a special-purpose server that accepts SMS text-messages, via webhook calls from Twilio, and posts those messages to Micro.blog (and Twitter (reluctantly 🤢))

p.s. still enjoying Go

Saturday’s beer: Goose Island Brewing’s Bourbon County Brand Coffee Stout ​(2017)
you can get anything you want, at Alice’s restaurant… though maybe not a beer as silky & strong as this (another one from Mike’s basement stash) 🍺

ok, this is pretty funny: Scomo

we’re leveling the playing field and upholding the Supreme Court’s proud tradition of accepting ethically questionable financial influence. Now, you too can bribe Clarence Thomas just like the billionaires, CEOs, & lawyers with pending cases before the court

just starting it, but the newest Atlantic (Dec. ’23) is really something. it focuses almost entirely on Reconstruction, including an annotated reprint of an 1866 article by Frederick Douglass, & an actual, full play, printed on different paper in the center of the magazine. print ftw

a few of my officemates

Saturday’s beer: St. Arnold Brewing’s Irish Hello
sucker for a good name, and I’ll buy about anything St. Arnold’s makes. solid as always 🍺

looking for a Bluesky invite if anyone has extras piling up 🙏

Saturday’s beer: Avery Brewing’s Tweak (2016) –

tasty, though this bottle hasn’t exactly mellowed; getting every bit of that 17.5% (from Mike’s basement stash) 🍺

saw the Taylor Swift concert movie today: fantastic. she’s so talented & charming; the concert itself, and the immersive way the film was shot, it was just a great performance 🎵 🎬

The supper passed at first like most Parisian suppers, in silence, followed by a noise of words which could not be distinguished, then with pleasantries of which most were insipid, with false news, with bad reasoning, a little politics, and much evil speaking; they also discussed new books.

- Voltaire, describing social-network vibes 264 years ago, in Candide

happy 10th anniversary to An Unicks Bestiary! this comic, medieval-themed collection of *nix tips interspersed with actual illuminated images & real text from 12th-century manuscripts is almost as popular now as it was when I first made it (i.e., not at all)

the amazing UX work continues over at Amazon dot com

I’m intrigued by this new print-only newspaper and wish it all success. I would like to point out, though, that if you find “the printed page an immersive experience without constant distractions” (which I do!), and although they are also online, print magazines do also still exist!

Jen Myers: It’s Not Okay to Start Late

Now when you make art, you can put the whole of your beautifully, painfully created selves into it, and it will be something unprecedented and vital. It’s not “okay” that you started late. It’s powerful.

Saturday’s beer: Bourbon Barrel Aged Old Rasputin XX (2017) ​
another delicious one from Mike’s basement stash 🍺

“here at GitHub we’re all about AI but still offer the wrong default selection for ‘Choose which email address to associate with this commit’ approx. half the time.”
(I use one (of two) ~99% of the time; even just making it last-one-used would be great. are they trolling me?)

watched the series finale of Reservation Dogs tonight: what a wonderful show. it became more a drama & less a goofy comedy over the 3 seasons, but was still so good (seriously considering a rewatch, which is rare for us) 📺

joined a video meeting today on my phone, at home on wifi, listening with bluetooth earbuds. got in the car & ran an errand, during which the phone switched from wifi to cell data & the audio switched from earbuds to car stereo – and back again, repeatedly – without a hitch. frickin’ magic

I’ve been learning to program in Go (and liking it maybe a little too much?), and though this goofy little app was 100% for me to tinker with & use myself, I did put it on GitHub, including a “release” GitHub Action that makes binaries: honey-do

First Aid Kit at Stubb’s. wonderful show, despite a little rain (!) 🎵

I found this “Mother Nature” video from Apple to be really well done: self-aware, serious (but not too serious), & making clear commitments. bravo

we’re being warned of rolling blackouts in Texas in this hottest-ever summer, yet somehow the Bitcoin scammers are profiting off of it. beyond infuriating: ERCOT Paid Bitcoin Miner $31 Million to Conserve While Texans Sweat

Saturday’s beer: Blackfoot River Brewing’s Whiskey Barrel Aged Imperial Stout (2014) 🍺
one of the longest long-shots I brought home from Mike’s basement stash, it’s maybe a little over sweet on the back end but still pretty damn good after 9 (!) years

I’ve listened to a lot of Jimmy Buffett in my life, thanks to my older brothers, but the one track I’ve kept & listened to the most over the years is this masterpiece shaggy-dog story: God’s Own Drunk. sit back with a margarita or a cerveza and give this a listen 🎵 Rest in peace, Jimmy

new Tiny Desk Concert by Speedy Ortiz, featuring a song from each of their four albums (including their newest, out today: Rabbit Rabbit) 🎵

I was the best at being second place
but now I’m just the runner-up

American hero Megan Rapinoe, in The Atlantic ⚽️

I’ll miss being able to represent our country. I think, a lot of times, that gets lost, when people talk about me in particular: Oh, you guys don’t sing the anthem, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. You don’t love America. But we do love America. It’s just more in a James Baldwin kind of way, not in a bald-eagle-on-your-shoulder kind of way.

read: Good Night, Irene by Luis Alberto Urrea 📚. wonderful for its fascinating depiction of little-known World War II history (American Red Cross Clubmobiles). it did sag a little for me in a couple of spots, but especially given the (somewhat) biographical aspects, I recommend it

Saturday’s beer: Deschutes Brewery’s The Abyss (2016) 🍺
maybe a little too smooth after 7 years, but delicious nonetheless (from Mike’s basement stash)

There was occasionally a little fierceness in his demeanour, but it was directed chiefly against false opinion, of which there is so much to correct in the world that a man of some reading and experience necessarily has his patience tried.

- Middlemarch, on Borthrop Trumbull

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