Happy New Year! Among my resolutions (yet again) is to more frequently post more actual words here, and not just my weekly beer photos. So I got a new URL for this here blog. Farewell, blog.storycards.net, subdomain of a site from a short-lived Java(!) game I wrote 17 years ago, and hello, chrisgrayson.net. I mean, what kind of author doesn’t even have their own vanity-named site, at least?

Because that’s what I plan to write about a good bit: becoming a published author. I have a manuscript, which is super close to being in good enough shape to actually let actual people read it. Rough still, for sure; like version, and in beta, at that. I’d had some baseless ideas that if I got it to about this point, then I could start trying to magically hit the publisher jackpot, who would work with me to fix and refine whatever it needs, based just on this rough first draft. Having now spent a little time learning how the process should go, I understand I’m much farther from that point than I’d thought.

Honestly, the realization made me consider giving up. But the more I’ve looked into it, and learned what the road ahead would take, the more I’m excited about giving it a go. So partly for accountability, and partly to share, I’ll be documenting all of that here. Eventually this novel’s getting published, one way (publishing house) or another (self published). Stay tuned.