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I have an Instagram account export dump, from which I’d like to pull the photos, dates, and captions. but it appears that the latter bits are only available in a single (non-chronological!) HTML file. anyone know of existing apps or code that parses this mess? /cc @manton

and everywhere the rocks are falling
but you are just another piece
with all the birds that make a circle
are you not more than one of these?

Little Miami, Wussy

this second season of Ted Lasso was, for me, not nearly as enjoyable & fantastic as the first. if there were a third ready to start right now, not sure I‘d bother 😕

dawn walk in Victoria

Saturday’s beers: an Oktoberfest showdown between Rahr & Sons, St. Arnold’s, & Sierra Nevada
(they’re all good, and quite similar; Rahr & Sons won by a nose. but really, I won. love Oktoberfest) 🍺

saw the Waxahatchee show last night that was originally scheduled for September 27… 2020

Waxahatchee, Lilacs

that voice

almost done (re-)reading The Silmarillion, but couldn’t pass up this lovely big illustrated hardcover at Half-Price Books today. the bigger, lay-flat map inside the cover (pictured with the less-good creased map in my old copy) is worth the price alone. Doriath > Driath

today’s beer: Thirsty Planet Brewing’s Smittlefest
I love a good Märzen, and this is a good Märzen 🍺

new post: Mary, in which I relate the most heartbreaking thing that’s ever happened to me (“…so far!”, I would have joked, before this)

And it probably won’t get easier
Just easier to hide
Prepare for an aching
The rest of your life

it was: she says this, or she does this, or she thinks this. she loves that or she hates that.

but now it’s: she said this, or she did this, or she thought this. she loved that or she hated that.

how the fuck am I supposed to be able handle that?

Saturday’s beer: Abbaye de Maredsous Tripel
This Belgian Tripel is delicious. In other similarly unexpected news: the sun is hot, and Lucy pulls away the football at the last second 🍺

Saturday beer: St. Arnold’s Old Fashioned
Stumbled across this at Spec’s today and wow is it good. I don’t remember ever having a tasty boozy beer like this from St. A’s before 🍺

beautiful night for a home game at McKalla Place ⚽️

clocked another good chunk of NaNoWriMo editing hours today, for a total of 12 so far. with lots of stuff on the work and personal calendars this month, I wanted to make a strong start 📝

so, one silly problem with tracking my 36-hour Camp NaNoWriMo goal as 36 “words” is that I can’t enter fractional values. I could change to 3600… but I think I’ll just remember that I have a bonus half-hour to log tomorrow (on top of 4(!) today) 📝

I started an editing project on my manuscript for this month’s Camp NaNoWriMo. they only do it by words, but I want to track by hours, so my goal is very modest. two down, thirty-four to go! 📝

I did it: I finished Bruce Tate’s Seven Languages in Seven Weeks. I even took a good-faith stab at the exercises. it would have taken me a damn sight longer than seven weeks, even if I hadn’t set it aside for long periods. an interesting survey of languages and ideas 📚

Happy Pride from the Austin FC game ⚽️

Saturday beer: Oskar Blues Brewery’s Verde S.M.A.S.H.
“The first in our rotating S.M.A.S.H. series celebrating the inaugural Austin FC season.” 😎🍺⚽️

Pregame beer: Austin Beerworks’ Peacemaker
A cold one before we head over to watch the first game ever played in Q2 Stadium: US women’s national team in a friendly against Nigeria (8pm CT on ESPN2 if you want to follow along at home). LFG 🍺⚽️

Saturday’s beer: Lakewood Brewing’s Double Chocolate Temptress
Says to serve at 50-55°, which makes me uptight, but its creamy deliciousness is worth it 🍺

My wife accidentally startled one of our high-strung cats who was on our bathroom counter and freaked out and knocked my beautiful red caseless iPhone onto the marble floor. At least the shattered side, spidered with cracks from edge to edge, is the back, not the screen.

Now I guess I’m in the market for a phone case. Also a door for this barn that the horses escaped from.

Wonder if the Apple Store takes dumb-ass cats in trade.


Saturday’s beer: (512) Brewing Company’s Whiskey Barrel Aged Double Pecan Porter (2021)
Tasty, and their pecan porter is a favorite, but somehow their barrel-aged versions aren’t the best 🍺

good post from Dan Pfeiffer on how to stop unwittingly boosting those you disagree with on social media

In other words, quote-tweeting or hate-sharing Cruz’s content is the same as contributing to his campaign. If you wouldn’t do the latter, don’t do the former.

Saturday’s beer: Celis Brewery’s Celis Raspberry
not always a fan of fruity beers, but this one’s more sweet than tart. wouldn’t want it all the time but it was good tonight 🍺

I doubt the brazen crooks trying to steal our democracy will be swayed, but I’m going to this voting rights protest at the Texas Capitol tomorrow anyway ✊🗳🇺🇸

Saturday’s beer: Celis Brewery’s Violet Crown Quad
Game day beer for the first Austin FC game in history(!) Not the best result in LA, but a very respectable showing
🌳 🍺 ⚽️

The Sum of Us by Heather McGhee is really good; I recommend it. 📚 Al Franken also has a good interview with the author on his podcast, which introduces the main ideas of the book. find it wherever you get your podcasts (or on YouTube)

Austin, TX
📚 ❤️

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