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The Onion: Underwhelming Fantasy Novel Starts With Map Of Ohio

Huber Heights, hell yeah

donated to Movement Voter Project’s Texas Fund. really like their emphasis on building for the long-term, beyond the next election (but also hope this helps the next election 😅)

no, you watched Valley Girl tonight

is this movie in 3D?
no, but your face is

I’m not a “self-motivation hard-case”, as he calls it, but the feeing of escape from giving up on something tough described in this Raptitude post is one I can sure recognize. what an insight

this piece about “people recalibrating their relationships to their jobs” was ok, but what struck me was disagreeing with Maeve here:

Maeve… worries that she will never earn enough. “A hardback book is 20 quid, a pint is a fiver – so many pleasures in life are so expensive.”

new post: One Year On: How We Do It, in which I acknowledge that it’s been a year since our tragic loss, and try to give a more full answer to “how are you, really?” than I can in casual conversation

amazing. ‘Like a public shaming’: a night with the eco-activists deflating SUV tires

“Why do you need an SUV, especially in New York? It’s a vanity thing. You have freedom of choice, sure, but you don’t have freedom from consequences.”

new from Metric: Doomscroller

is a 10 & a half minute song a little long, especially for the first song on the album? NOPE

I can’t seem to shut it down
until the worst is over
& it’s never over

Saturday’s beer: Chile Line Brewery’s Salty Dog Stout
solid, but a little smokier than I like

a beautiful summer day, albeit on the warm side, waiting for the salmon on the grill

mind. blown. The secret history of the anti-abortion movement:

debates around abortion have been entangled with race panic from the start. The fight to criminalise abortion may have successfully passed itself off as a moral crusade, but its origins are rooted in a political one

finished Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear 📚 thought it might be pretty woo-woo, and I wasn’t wrong, actually. but it’s also pragmatic and canny, and the writing is so pleasant to spend time with. really liked it; it’s a keeper

Saturday’s beer: Chile Line Brewery’s Stoked
A souvenir from New Mexico: appreciative of the thought but not a fan of smoky

You can take away a right through legal means, but you cannot take away the belief in that right so easily

Rebecca Solnit, Women’s rights have suffered a grim setback. But history is still on our side

Saturday’s beer: Lorelei Brewing’s The Mer-Dude
brought this Russian imperial coffee milk stout back from our recent trip to Corpus Christi. good stuff

Warpaint, Champion 🎵

Elif Batuman, in Either/Or:

“When to the sessions of sweet silent thought / I summon up remembrance of things past”: I didn’t like when people used “sweet” about non-sensory experiences. Why were we in my mouth all of a sudden?

Lazy Beach Brewing’s Molinillo
“Mexican Hot Chocolate Milk Stout” -> yes… “Ancho chilis, cayenne” -> mmm, a bit much
⭐️ __ __

Mustang Island, TX

sunset, Mustang Island, TX

Saturday’s late-night music video: Lorde, Supercut 🎵

in my head I do everything right

Saturday’s beer: (512) Brewing’s (512) Tripel
love a good tripel, and this is a good tripel 🍺

finished reading The Grieving Brain by Mary-Frances O’Connor 📚 it was interesting to read a book backed by science that supports & explains much of what we’ve learned elsewhere about grief. thinking of grieving as a special kind of learning is a key point

Saturday #2’s beer: Dogfish Head Brewery’s Utopias Barrel-Aged World Wide Stout
this is the stuff 🍺

“Saturday”’s beer: (512) Brewing’s Gin Barrel Wit 🍺

Jenny Lewis, The Next Messiah (live) 🎵

if we ever have to justify to aliens that they shouldn’t wipe out Earth, I say we just show them Jenny Lewis. case closed

Saturday’s beer: New Holland Brewing’s Dragon’s Milk White 🍺

really enjoyed the writing in Intimacies by Katie Kitamura. 📚 narrated by a war-crimes trial interpreter, the muted style of this story is a perfect match to her quietly simmering interior life

Bans Off Our Bodies protest at the Texas Capitol

two weeks counts as a streak, right?
at Genuine Joe (while it’s here)

Austin FC v LA Galaxy – hot day for a 6:30 kickoff, but nicer once the sun was below the stands

Bikini Kill at The Far Out

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