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new tunes for your Tuesday: Juana Molina’s first live album came out last week: ANRMAL – Live in México. I’ve been a fan of hers for years, I think it’s great. hope you like it, too. Eras is as good a track to start with as any (ooh, here’s video of that performance) 🎵

neither Biden nor Harris was my pick during the primary, but today I voted for them so hard it almost cracked the touchscreen. once they’re in office we can keep them honest & push them further. but step #1 is getting them there. don’t skip, & don’t throw away your vote

Saturday beer: Fair State Brewing’s Heckin’ Chonker
the cute name & can design accompany a deliciously sweet and slightly boozy stout. excellent. 🍺

at last: today is mail day for VoteFwd! we prepared a couple hundred of the 16 million (!!) letters, & I’m proud to have also contributed code to their web app, including the backend support for today’s announcement message! #TheBigSend

this city council election mailer we got today, omg. this fool thinks the BLM protests – just those! not even violence or “rioting” related to them! – is a sign that Austin is somehow worse off than 4 years ago. (not to mention the other dumb examples.) infuriating.

astounding: Bar-tailed godwit flies more than 12,000km from Alaska to New Zealand in 11 days

It is not certain but it is believed the birds do not sleep on the journey during which they flap their wings most of the time. “They have an incredibly efficient fuel-to-energy rate.”

yay! the special Super Rooster Tournament of Champion Books is starting (boo! it snuck up on me before I could read The Road) 📚

today only, $20.20 gets you 77 (!) tracks from a whole bunch of cool bands (& a bunch I’ve never heard of before, tbh), plus contributes to Voting Rights Lab: Good Music to Avert the Collapse of American Democracy, Volume 2 🎵

this adorable little band from The Netherlands had an adorable little concert livestream from the UK this week, and it was great. I want to go back to cool, funky little clubs and see cool, funky little bands! 😭 Anyway. Boat by Pip Blom; start with Ruby. 🎵

Nathan J. Robinson, in The Guardian:

When you look at your own tax bill, understand that it could be lower if super-wealthy people like Trump weren’t trying to shift the burden onto everyone else. You paid for Trump’s $73m tax refund and he’s laughing all the way to the bank.

Saturday beer: Orkney Brewery’s Skull Splitter
Pretty tasty, though I’ll admit to picking this up mainly because of the Thorfinn Einarsson reference on the label, after reading Vinland Saga 🍺

Saturday beer: Chateau 903 Brewers’ Chateau 903
Tasty; a stout aged in wine barrels is an interesting one. And if Untapped is right, the only beer they make?? 🍺

“RT” @TVietor08:

Fuck this guy. Mitch McConnell is a lying, craven hack who only respects power. Our Get Mitch Or Die Trying fund will split your donation between 13 Democrats running for Senate so that McConnell is no longer in charge. Rage donating > rage tweeting

with apologies to jwz (and regular expressions, for that matter)

Some people, when confronted with a problem, think “I know, I’ll Dockerize everything.” Now they have [at least] two problems.

feeling proud lately that my subscriptions help support the good work of The Atlantic and The Guardian. 46 days

Saturday beer: Clown Shoes’ The Good, the Bad, & the Unidragon
not usually a big Clown Shoes fan – they just make styles I’m not into – but this is all right

Maciej Cegłowski makes the case for smaller, local races being more worthwhile of your attention & contributions, even as the presidential race dominates media coverage day after day (after day after day). and the sooner, the better

Saturday beer: (512) Brewing Company’s Whiskey Barrel Aged Double Pecan Porter
⭐️⭐️ __
saved this for the holiday weekend, and it was… fine. (that is, a little disappointing vs. how special I’d imagined it would be.)

O! Mine ass, I have laugheth it off

Multiple boats sink in Texas lake at pro-Trump water parade

here’s hoping the latest scandal hurts Trump’s campaign as much as it should. meanwhile, there are a dozen other races closer to you, that you can make a bigger difference in (for example, here in TX). channel your outrage, anxiety, and money to those.

(psst, it’s Bandcamp Friday again today. support the musicians who still can’t tour yet!) 🎵

I am almost a little too excited about The Tournament of Books’ Super Rooster. not least because I’ve actually read some of these (due mainly to past ToBs) 📚

The Beths' Future Me Hates Me
new tunes for your Tuesday: Future Me Hates Me, by a new favorite band of mine, The Beths. standout track: You Wouldn’t Like Me. props once again to the Sound Opinions podcast for the tip. 🎵

Saturday beer: Avery Brewing’s The Reverend
a superb quadrupel.

thanks to these handy instructions from @jamesvandyne, my personal site(s) are now running on renewable energy in Digital Ocean’s Frankfurt datacenter 🌱

loved seeing the news that Powell’s won’t sell through Amazon anymore (no direct link; see the August 26 message). showed my support by ordering a couple books from them today. one new & one from their great used selection 📚

finished Home Before Dark (Apple TV+) this weekend, it was good. the 9-year-old investigative journalist is based on a real person, though the story itself isn’t. A good mystery drama; we’re looking forward to season 2 someday.

Hopsquad Brewing’s Sculptor Formosa
⭐️ ⭐️ __
#saturdaybeer 🍺

when the pandemic struck I put my fairly souped-up (company-provided) MacBook Pro to work doing Folding@home computations. glad I did, but between the fan noise, heat, & wear on the machine, I decided to stop once I got to a million “points”

is it Bandcamp Friday yet? (yes, for 12 more hours, Bandcamp will pass along their cut to artists, who dearly need it since they can’t tour) 🎵

emphasizing the “new” in New Tunes Tuesday is figurative, this week’s pick is Are You Experienced? by the Jimi Hendrix Experience. yes it has a bunch of mega-hits you’ve been sick of for years but it’s just really good. give a listen to I Don’t Live Today, loud as you want 🎵

new post: The Fox, in which we have a visitor (it came again this morning; seems to be searching for the best nap spot)

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