I was looking forward to reading the Copywriting For Geeks “mini-ebook” that I heard about recently. It has its own domain and everything: http://copywritingforgeeks.com/.

It’s not useless, it has a little good information. The page itself uses the techniques described, and I’ll admit, the “First one thousand copies are free. $19 after that” got me, it made me hurry and sign up.

But at it’s root, the real title of this should have been: Make a PowerPoint Out of What Should be a Blog Post, Save to PDF, and Hock it Online as an Ebook.

Look, I’m all for people making money, when they earn it. And this was free, so I wasn’t exactly ripped off. But this is pretty damn thin for something pitched as a “book” that’s supposedly worth $20. My advice: don’t bother.