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saw Detective Pikachu today, it was a lot of fun both for us parents (who know a few Pokémon names & that’s about it) and for the kids (who can probably both still recite full Pokédex entries). agree with this Ars Technica review ?

& I’m sure this is naive foolishness, but I wish the stakes didn’t have to be higher every. single. time. how about a hero preventing an assassination or a subway bombing or something, instead of saving THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE & ALL (or 50% of) LIFE WITHIN IT

finally saw Avengers: Infinity War (at the dollar theater, because MoviePass sucks and didn’t support any of the several, not-brand-new movies we were up for), and: I didn’t love it. maybe if it had 18 more characters & 6 more climactic fight scenes

we decided to watch all the Best Picture nominees before the Oscars tomorrow, & with the The Post last night, we did it! (MoviePass ftw.) no award predictions but my favorites were Get Out, Shape of Water, & Lady Bird.

movie review: King Arthur: Legend of the Sword – we were so excited when we first saw this trailer, then so disappointed to see the critics’ reviews. finally watched it tonight, and it was a lot of fun! (weird to see Littlefinger as a good guy, though) ?

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